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Build Bridges from Breakdown to Breakthrough


Integrative & Holistic Counseling

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Listen, we’ve all experienced breakdowns:

Emotional or spiritual crises & major life transitions

The pain that comes with leaving behind old beliefs, thoughts, and things that are no longer serving you

Feeling worthless, unlovable, inadequate, not enough or misunderstood

Wrestling with blocked, buried, and bottled up emotions that are begging to be seen

Managing depression, anxiety, extreme emotions, ups and downs, and emotional spirals

Struggling to feel fully, afraid of making people uncomfortable or upset

Feeling stuck, confused, indecisive, and unmotivated

Looking for a safe and supportive space to process and express emotions

Struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel


Imagine the possibility for you to:

Experience total transformation and renewal

Feel fully, process, release, and manage emotions with ease

Discover your truth, authenticity, find new purpose and meaning

Set personal boundaries and stay strong in your choices despite the judgments and opinions of others

Love, nourish, care for, trust, and believe in yourself deeply and unconditionally

Experience internal peace, happiness, satisfaction, and joy

Develop forgiveness and compassion for yourself

Express and communicate your emotions to others

Find freedom and strength in who you are

Feel safe and supported in your process



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The Generalist Podcast #3 : On Mental Health With Jazmine Russell

Listen to the Full Episode Below

"In This episode I sat down with Jazmine and learned of her battle with mental health, how being a survivor of incest changed her life, and how to best help others who have had similar traumas."

"After we finished recording we spoke about how culture affects mental health and Jazmine recommended this book to me. The book seems really interesting, I'm going to read it soon.I thought I would share it:  Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche

-Saul Ackerman, The Generalist

Jazmine is extremely accepting, open, and loving in her approach, which includes embodied movement, dialogue, herbalism, spiritual concepts, and community building. She has much respect for the wide range of cultural contexts in which people understand their experiences and brings harmony and understanding to group dynamics.
— Sera, T.